Carbide Rods




TaeguTec Carbide Rods


TaeguTec Ltd. acquired the standard for manufacturing and servicing of aerospace components. 
TaeguTec has achieved the Quality Management System standard AS 9100 – the standard for manufacturing and servicing of aerospace components from DNV(DET NORSKE VERITAS).
AS 9100 is the only globally recognized standard for the aerospace industry and it has become the worldwide standard for the sector.
The quality management system requires a high degree of stability and reliability and TaeguTec meets the requirements of the standard with its high quality advanced technology production methods & systems. 


Rods Without Coolant Holes

  • Unground Long
  • Unground Cut-to-length
  • Ground Rod – h6
    • Long
    • Cut-to-length
    • Step-formed & Chamfered
  • Ground Rod – h5
    • Long
    • Cut-to-length


Rods With Coolant Holes 

  • 1 Straight coolant hole
  • 2 Straight coolant holes
  • 2 Spiral coolant holes 30°
  • 2 Spiral coolant holes 40°
  • 3 Spiral coolant holes 30°
  • Gun drill Blank with 1 kidney hole
  • Gun drill Blank with 2 round holes


  • Solid carbide rotating tools for high cutting speed in milling, drilling & reaming