Parting & Grooving


TaeguTClamp System


A user’s guide is available with basic information to ensure the customer reaps the full benefits from the T-Clamp range.


The T-Clamp multifunctional system permits a host of operations: 

  • Parting and grooving
  • External turning and grooving
  • Internal turning and grooving
  • Precision grooving and recessing
  • Face grooving and face turning
  • Undercutting and recessing


  • Accuracy with high repeatability
  • Molded chip breaker
  • Top and bottom prisms hold insert firmly and accurately
    • TDJ/C-unique, double-ended insert for grooving and parting
    • TDT-unique, double-ended insert for side turning and grooving
    • TDA-unique, double-ended insert for aluminum wheel machining
    • TDXU-unique, one insert for external, internal and face turning & grooving as well as parting


  • Simple, accurate and rapid indexing
  • Uses standard tool blocks
  • Top and bottom seated insert alignment

Integral shank tool 

  • Simple, accurate and rapid indexing
  • Top and bottom seated insert alignment
  • Stable support against side forces
  • No additional spare parts required
  • Standard shank dimensions


The ingenious solution that takes cutting tool materials to another level

  • Improved adhesion and insert chipping resistance
  • Stable and extended tool life in continuous and interrupted cutting operations
  • Reduced cutting friction and minimized built-up edge on exotic materials
  • High quality surface finish on the work piece


GoldRush grades in T-clamp applications


CVD coating layer has now been added to enhance toughness, wear resistance and optimized tool life for mass production, additionally this grade is suitable for high speed steel machining.


In order to improve machining performance of the existing TT9030 grade for general turning, grooving, profiling and parting applications on carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, TaeguTec has applied the latest coating technology to the existing sub micron substrate. This grade has better wear resistance than the TT9030 while maintaining the same toughness levels.


This grade has a thick CVD coating that guarantees excellent tool life, especially when machining gray cast iron.


The latest PVD coating technology has been applied to the K10 substrate that has multi nano layers such as Multi Nano AlTiN/TiAlCrN/TiN. This ensures outstanding performance when machining ductile cast iron, as well as interrupted machining on gray cast iron.

T-Burst High Pressure

T-Burst High Pressure

New high pressure coolant capable groove-turning and parting tools

  • Excellent performance on difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, inconel and other heat resistant alloys
  • Good chip breaking on exotic materials under low feed rate conditions
  • Reduced cycle time and higher productivity due to increased cutting speeds and higher feed rates
  • Increased tool life even under normal coolant pressure
  • T-BURST holders are capable of up to 340 bar coolant pressure



Compact turning tools for swiss-type CNC lathes

Turning, back turning, reverse turning, threading, parting & grooving

  • Excellent surface finish and repeatability credit to high precision ground inserts
  • Ultra fine, ground cutting edge prevents micro-chipping and promotes longer tool life



4 cutting edges with chip breaker for grooving, parting and recessing

  • Four cutting edges with J, C, and S type chip breakers
  • TQJ and TQC are for excellent chip control and high quality surface finish grooving
  • TQS is for various widths and special insert geometries



Internal turning, back turning, profiling, grooving, chamfering and face machining of small diameters

  • Internal machining from Ømin 0.6mm
  • Best solution for internal turning, profiling, grooving and face machining especially on small diameters
  • TiAlN coating for extended tool life
  • Shank diameters: 4, 7mm
  • Internal coolant channel through the body directly to the cutting edge
  • Promotes better chip evacuation and longer tool life


T-Clamp for small ID turning and grooving

For small ID turning and grooving

  • Economical double-ended insert
  • Strong clamping with fully supported seat
  • Internal coolant through the shank
  • Multiple applications
    • TDIM: pressed insert with efficient chip breaker for boring and grooving operations
    • TDIP: ground insert for precise machining
    • Internal machining from Dmin 12.5mm
    • Tailor made inserts for threading and profiling are available on demand 

Modular System

Modular System

The addition of modular adapters to the T-Clamp multifunctional system will reduce costs and tooling on a wide range of adapters for many different external grooving, groove turning, parting-off and face machining applications.

The adapters have a strong and precise pocket location with exceptional repeatability 
and performance on both high precision and heavy machining applications.

Cartridge and holder selection

Parallel type

Perpendicular type


TDXU Inserts

TDXU Inserts

Insert Model

  • TDXU has an advanced chip breaker that produces thin and narrow chips in grooving applications
  • TDXU’s low cutting force design enables excellent chip evacuation in higher machining conditions without damaging the workpiece
  • TDXU can be used in the following seven applications
  • External grooving & turning – Face grooving & turning
  • Internal grooving & turning – Parting-off

Parting & Grooving Solutions

Single-ended insert
Use single ended inserts when parting or grooving to depths greater than 19mm. 

Double-ended insert
Use double ended inserts for cutting up to 19mm deep. 
The two cutting edges offer an economical solution for parting and grooving. 


J type chip breaker

  • Range (width of cut): 1.4, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm
  • Applications
    • For soft materials, parting off tube, small diameters and thin-walled parts
    • Low forces and smaller burrs
    • Improved straightness
    • Low-to-medium feeds 

C type chip breaker

  • Range (width of cut): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
  • Applications
    • For hard materials and tough applications
    • For general applications on steel, alloy steel and stainless steel
    • Medium-to-high feeds 

Turning & Grooving Solutions

Chip breaker style: T type chip breaker

  • The “T” chip breaker is available for turning and grooving of steel, alloy steel and stainless steel
  • Inserts with “T” style chip breaker contain a central chip breaking island for multi-direction chip control
  • TDXT insert has the same chip breaker as “T” insert but it has more front & side clearance angle to use in internal and face applications.
  • This insert covers applications by the existing grounded TDIT/TDFT insert.
  • Range (width of cut)
    • Precision (+/-0.02): 1.0 – 10.0mm
    • Pressed (+/-0.05): 3.0, 4.0, 6.0mm
  • TDXT
    • Pressed (+/-0.05): 3.0 – 8.0mm
Face Turning & Grooving Solutions

Face Turning & Grooving Solutions

TaeguTclamp provides many solutions and extensive range of holders for machining processes.

  • Range (Width of cut)
    • TTFR/L-RN: 3, 4, 5, 6mm
    • TTFR/L: 3, 4, 6mm
    • TTFPR/L: 3, 4, 5, 6mm
    • TGFR/L: 2 – 6mm
    • TGFPR/L: 2 – 6mm

Aluminum Wheel Machining Solutions

TaeguTec has many solutions for aluminum wheel machining. 



  • Uncoated grade(K10) for high speed cutting
  • Width of insert: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm


  • PCD KP3000 grade for high speed roughing and finishing


  • PCD KP3000 grade chip breaker type

TGIUR/L – 15A : coolant hole …………TTER/L ………………….. TTER/L-15A


Tailor Made Solutions


Solutions for Tailor Made

  • If the standard program does not suit your requirements please contact your nearest TaeguTec sales representative.
  • Expand all application possibilities with Taegutec’s tailor made solutions. 
  • Quick Quotation – Computerized Quotation System
  • Quick Delivery – Manufactured from partly prepared blanks we can produce to customer requirements within a 4 week delivery period.
TDT-RU Chip Breaker

TDT-RU Chip Breaker

Pressed insert for turning and profiling 


  • Unique chip breaker for excellent chip control on turning, grooving and profile applications
  • Full radius, pressed and double-ended inserts
  • Range(width of cut): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
  • This product line carries stock of coated, uncoated and cermet grade inserts for various applications

Blades for Face Grooving operations

Blades for face grooving operations

  • Face blades have been designed to work a deep and wide range of diameters. 
  • This gives the end user many advantages and additional options. 
  • The face blades will provide many advantages in terms of reduced costs & improved productivity. 
  • The flexibility of the range also allows the end user to utilize the T-clamp inserts on the blades. 


  • Deep face grooving
  • Wide range of diameters in facing operations
  • Double ended pocket
  • Use standard tool blocks & extractors
  • Use TDC/ TDJ/TDFT & TDXU inserts

Insert sheet size

  • 3, 4, 5, 6mm
Slotting Cutter

Slotting Cutter

  • T-clamp Ultra slotting cutters are specifically designed to maximize metal removal rates while 
  • providing exceptional surface finishes.The rugged body construction has no wedges, clamps, 
  • or screws thereby making machining operations and applications much simpler.
  • T-clamp Ultra slotting cutters are just one element of a totally integrated system that incorporates 
  • the well recognized and accepted double prism “V” method of insert retention.
  • This system allows the use of common insert seat sizes throughout the T-clamp Ultra line, 
  • thereby reducing insert inventories.


  • Narrow width applications to 1.6mm
  • Simple easy-to-mount inserts
  • Efficient chip evacuation

Cutting diameters

  • 75, 100, 125, 160, 250mm

Width of inserts

  • 1.6 – 4.0mm


TaeguTec provides inserts for wide grooving applications


  • Ball Bearing, Taper Roller Bearing, Miniature Machined parts 

Blank width (W)

  • 10, 15, 20, 25mm