Precision Micro Drilling


Carbide Micro Drills Made to Order

The best tool for the job is always the tool that is specially made for the job. In our experience of micro machining we have found that it in most cases it is always best to offer specially made tool, to the perfect geometry, for the job. The problems not being able to do this previously was that the special production was very expensive, so it did not turn out profitable for the user. Today we have improved our machining capabilities. This has resulted in us being able to deliver the perfect drill tool with superb quality and tool life to a good price starting at already 20 pcs. The shank sizes in stock is 1,00 mm 1,50 mm 2,00 mm 2,50 mm 3,00 mm d1/8’ 4.00 mm.
In addition to improved production methods we have found a very suitable wear resistant sub micrograin carbide. 

With WhizDrill we have put together a range of micro drills that start at 0,1 mm and go up to 3 mm. These can be ordered to any geometry. If there is a special need for another grade of carbide, or coolant through that is also available. Contact your WhizCut representative for a quote.

Micro Drills Grades of Carbide

WhizDrill micro drills are available in both PVD-coated and uncoated sub-micro grain carbide with hardness over 1570 HV 30, with a sustained corner strength of >4000 MPA.

Stock Standard Grades for Drills

  • 9M drills are uncoated micrograin grade drills at ISO K20-K30 a strength of >4000 MPA
  • F9 drills are TiAlN multi-coated grade drills suitable when extreme heat (900C°) is developed during machining.
  • B9 drills are AlCrN coated suitable when extreme heat (1100°C) is developed during machining. This is also extra suitable for Titanium.